Developmental Neurobiology		2nd half Spring, 2004 (3/23-5/13)
This course is a team-teaching venture between the Behavioral
Neuroscience program and Binghamton University and the Department
of Neuroscience and Physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University,
in Syracuse.

Course numbers at each University are as follows:

Binghamton University: Psych. 576 (Behavioral Neuroscience II)
Upstate Medical University: 610N (Topics in Developmental Neurobiology)

Coordinating Instructor: Linda Spear, Rm.161, Sci.IV, Binghamton 
Syracuse Coordinator:  Sandra Mooney, 315-464-7724,

Course Location: CIW 129 (Binghamton distance learning center)
	       3221 Weiskotten Hall (Syracuse)

Readings:  Readings for each topic will be provided in advance of each

Evaluation: Class participation and exam (short answer and essay) performance.

Course Schedule:
Date		Topic							Presenter
3/23		Axis determination and early patterning		Jim McCasland
3/25		Developmental signals and gene regulation	Dave Cameron
3/30		Cell generation/proliferation (including
		   germ lines and stem cells)			Michael Miller
4/1		Cell Death					Sandra Mooney
4/6		Easter Break
4/8		Easter Break
4/13		Cell migration and guidance			Eric Olson
4/15		Neuroembryology, development of
		  electrical activity and origins of behavior	Linda Spear
4/20		Environmental influences on brain develop.	Linda Spear
4/22		Hormones and development: early stress; 
   		  sexual differentiation			Linda Spear
4/27		Issues in Dev. Neurobiol: Down's syndrome
		   and mental retardation			Nancy Roizen 
4/29 		Issues in Dev. Neurobiol: Dev. Toxicology, 
		   brain damage and recovery of function	Anna Klintsova
5/4		Issues in Dev. Neurobiol: Fetal Alcohol 
		    Syndrome					Michael Miller
5/6		Issues in Dev. Neurobiol: Autism		Sandra Mooney
5/11		Issues in Dev. Neurobiol: Schizophrenia as
		  a developmental disorder			Frank Middleton
5/13		EXAM