Topics in Vision II: Higher Visual Processing

Time: Mon, Thurs 4:00-6:00pm
Room: +4112 IHP

* Scheduling exception

Week Topic

1 Mar 26 Introduction, visual topography, techniques
Mar 30* The LGN and parallel pathways
2 Apr 2 Striate cortex: Lamination, circuits and receptive field properties
Apr 2 Striate cortex: The origins of orientation tuning
3 Apr 5 Striate cortex: Functional organization
Apr 9* Striate cortex: Horizontal connections
4 Apr 12 Striate cortex: Contextual Effects, Synchrony, and Binding
Apr 16 Visual area V2
5 Apr 19* (11a-1p) Extrastriate cortex and the visual hierarchy
Apr 23 Visual motion processing
6 Apr 26 Color processing in the early vision
Apr 30 Higher order color processing
7 May 3 Coding and decision making
May 7 (ARVO) Coding and decision making
8 May 10 (ARVO) Binocular disparity and depth perception
May 14 (VSS) Binocular disparity and depth perception
9 May 17 Parietal cortex, LIP
May 21 Parietal cortex, LIP
10 May 24 Frontal cortex - FEF/SEF and PFC
May 28 Frontal cortex - FEF/SEF and PFC
11 May 31 Occipital/Temporal cortex
Jun 4 Occipital/Temporal cortex

  • Handout for Central Visual Pathways (in PDF format)